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Soilless farming be it in on Earth or Mars

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Here's what we'll cover in the webinar:

Introduction to Hydroponics Farming:
Understanding the basic principles and benefits of hydroponics farming.Exploring the different types of hydroponic systems and their suitability for various crops.
Setting up a Cost-Effective Hydroponic System:
Discovering budget-friendly alternatives for equipment and materials.Exploring DIY options and creative solutions for establishing a hydroponics farm on a limited budget.
Nutrient Solutions and Plant Health:
Learning about the importance of nutrient balance and pH levels in hydroponic systems.Understanding how to formulate and manage nutrient solutions for optimal plant growth and health.
Enhancing Flavor and Nutrition in Hydroponically Grown Plants:
Unveiling the secrets to cultivating hydroponic plants with exceptional taste and nutritional value.Exploring techniques for maximizing flavor profiles and nutrient content through environmental control.
Organic Hydroponics Farming Practices:
Exploring organic methods and approaches in hydroponics farming.Understanding organic nutrient solutions, pest management techniques, and sustainable practices for a healthier and eco-friendly approach to hydroponics.

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Ann Vinya Thomas

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Learn creating hydroponics that is accessible and cost effective

"Dive into the World of Hydroponics: Unlocking Affordable and Sustainable Growing Solutions! Discover how to create your own hydroponic system that is both accessible and cost-effective. Say goodbye to soil limitations and embrace a revolutionary way of gardening that maximizes space, conserves water, and yields impressive results. Unleash your green thumb and learn the art of cultivating nutrient-rich plants using water-based techniques. From DIY setups to budget-friendly materials, this guide will empower you to embark on an exciting journey of self-sufficiency. Join the hydroponics movement and witness the future of farming firsthand, right in the comfort of your own home!"

Innovations in Farming Techniques

"Unleashing the Power of Innovation in Farming: Explore Cutting-Edge Techniques for a Sustainable Agricultural Revolution! Step into the world of modern farming as we unravel groundbreaking innovations that are reshaping the landscape of agriculture. From precision farming and vertical gardening to AI-driven systems and advanced machinery, witness the fusion of technology and nature like never before. Discover how these revolutionary techniques optimize productivity, minimize environmental impact, and pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future. Join us on this journey of transformation, where tradition meets innovation, and together, we cultivate a greener and more prosperous tomorrow."

Discover the secret to Organic Farming

"Unearth the Magic of Organic Farming: Unlocking Nature's Hidden Treasures for Sustainable Harvests! Delve into the realm of organic farming and uncover the secret to nurturing thriving crops without harmful chemicals. Learn the art of working in harmony with nature, harnessing the power of composting, crop rotation, and natural pest control. Experience the joy of cultivating nutrient-rich produce that's not only good for you but also for the planet. From regenerating soil health to preserving biodiversity, this eye-opening journey will empower you to embrace a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to farming. Join the organic revolution and witness the transformative impact of going back to our roots!"

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Ann Vinya Thomas

CEO & Founder of H.O.M.E 

( Heaven On My Earth)

Expert & Trainer - Art of urban farming 

Atma Namaste

I am Ann Vinya Thomas, the founder of H.O.M.E - Heaven On My Earth, and I invite you to join me on a remarkable journey. Picture a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, free-spirited and unafraid to break away from the ordinary. Living life on the edge and plunging into the unknown has been the most exhilarating high of my existence.

You see, for me, H.O.M.E is not just a place; it is a sanctuary where love envelops everything. It's a slice of Heaven right here on Earth. I've come to realize that creating something out of nothing is the ultimate expression of empowerment. And what better way to ignite this transformative magic than through the joy of food?

What People Are Saying About Ann Vinya..

Rakesh Bhulani
Rakesh Bhulani
We are new to hydroponics but when we came here, Ann gave us such a deep insight in the simplest manner, that we felt we too could start it immediately, even on a small space ! She showed us every minute details of crops that are grown, what care should be taken, the costs involved etc. She even makes lovely salads !! Thank you.
Parminder Singh
Parminder Singh
Fresh, organic and grown with lots of love and music. Yes.... the plants are exposed to music everyday. Had the opportunity to try the salad before Ann started making it available to the masses and without doubt, one of the best salad I had.
Prajna K N
Prajna K N
Have always been a fan of the organic produce from H.O.M.E , however the new salads menu has just taken the whole organic experience to the next level. Unlike most similar enterprises, Ann is really forthcoming and even provides consultations for setting up our own mini organic garden. Loved every interaction I have had with H.O.M.E and Ann..
Keerthi reddy Keerthi
Keerthi reddy Keerthi
Great pleasure to work with ann mam,learning is an art with passion,the way mam explains will.remain with us for place to learn hydroponic techniques and best place to get fresh organic vegetables..
karthik lilya
karthik lilya
Wow amazing salad. Try once in your life
Punkaj Gupta
Punkaj Gupta
There are very few people I have met who are genuinely keen on making the world a healthier place and Ann is definitely one of them. She helped me with setting up a organic garden in my apartment balcony and I have to say the entire process and output has been nothing short of fantastic. Would strongly recommend contacting Ann if you want to explore a organic setup for your home or office
Shristi Mitruka
Shristi Mitruka
I did a workshop with them and was so fascinated with the idea of hydroponics that I got their team to install a small NFT system installed on my balcony. It is such an amazing experience to grow your own vegetables. I had never done any kind of gardening or looked after any plants, but this got my curiosity up and I am happily maintaining my small Urban garden now. Love the produce from hydroponics: it's so fresh and you will know the difference when you give produce grown by hydroponics a try!!
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Frequently Asked Questions! 

What is hydroponic farming?

Hydroponic farming is a method of growing plants without soil, where plants receive all the necessary nutrients through a nutrient-rich water solution.

What will I learn from this webinar?

The webinar aims to provide valuable insights into the art of farming, including its principles, techniques (hydroponics, natural farming, vertical farming) benefits, and practical implementation opportunities. You will gain knowledge about setting up hydroponic systems, managing nutrient solutions, optimizing plant growth, and troubleshooting common issues.

How long will the webinar last?

The duration of the webinar will be approximately [2 Hours], allowing sufficient time for an in-depth exploration of various farming techniques concepts and practical considerations.

Can I ask questions during the webinar?

Absolutely! The webinar will include dedicated Q&A sessions where participants can ask questions related to farming.
The presenter will address as many relevant questions as possible during the allocated Q&A time.

Is the webinar suitable for beginners in farming?

Yes, the webinar is designed to cater to both beginners and individuals with some prior knowledge of farming.
The content will cover foundational aspects while also delving into more advanced topics to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

How do I register and pay for the webinar?

To register for the webinar, please visit the registration page and click Register now .
Follow the instructions provided on the page to complete the registration process and make the payment of Rs. 399.

Is there a refund policy in case I am unable to attend the webinar?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for the paid webinar.
However, if you are unable to attend the live session, you will receive access to the next live webinar.

What are the advantages of hydroponic farming?

Hydroponic farming offers several advantages, including faster growth rates, higher crop yields, efficient water usage (up to 90% less compared to traditional farming), reduced reliance on pesticides and herbicides, and the ability to grow crops in areas with limited arable land.

What types of plants can be grown hydroponically?

Virtually any plant that can be grown in soil can also be grown hydroponically. Common crops grown hydroponically include lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, strawberries, and flowers.

What environmental factors should be considered in hydroponic farming?

Temperature, humidity, lighting, and air circulation are important factors in hydroponic farming. Plants require specific environmental conditions depending on their growth stage, and it's crucial to maintain optimal conditions to promote healthy growth.

Is hydroponic farming organic?

Hydroponic farming can be both organic and non-organic, depending on the practices and nutrient solutions used. While some hydroponic farms use synthetic nutrients, others opt for organic nutrient solutions, and some hydroponic systems can even incorporate sustainable practices like capturing and reusing water.

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