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Hydroponics Training Course Offline

Learn Advanced Hydroponic Farming Training Course with lifetime Access

Hydroponics Training: Level 1 

Fundamentals of Hydroponics Farming Method
Hydroponics Seedling & Seed Germination Techniques
Irrigation Water Quality and Its Importance in Hydroponics
Different Types of Growing Medium and its Factors

Hydroponics Training: Level 2 

Learn Hydroponic Nutrient Solution & Its Properties
Different Types of Hydroponic Systems and its Function
Hydroponic Nutrient Deficiency & How to Manage
How to make your own hydroponic system, Learn Step by Step

What you will Learn In This Online Hydroponics Training Course

Fundamentals of Hydroponics Farming Method

What is Hydroponics?
What does a plant need to grow?
How Plant grows in Water
Benefits of Hydroponics
Hydroponics vs Soil Farming

Hydroponics Seedling & Seed Germination Techniques

Seed Selection & Preparation
How to Soak Seeds for better Germination
Step by Step Seedling Process
Plant Transplantation process

Irrigation Water Quality and Its Importance in Hydroponics

Irrigation Water Quality and Its Source
What is Water PH and Nutrient Availability?
Hydroponics Water EC and PH Correlation
Ro Water Vs Bore water Vs Well water

Different Types of Growing Medium and its Factors

What is Grow Medium?
How to Choose the Right Growing Media
Types of growing media & its Importance
Growing Medium EC & PH Check & Its importance

Hydroponics EC & PH Management Practical Guide

How to Measure EC & PH of Nutrient Solution
Hydroponics System EC & PH Management

Step by Step, Practical Demo on How to grow without soil

How to Grow Vegetables without Soil
Day1 to Day18, Step by Step Explanation
Post-Harvest & its Process

How to make your own hydroponic system, Learn Step by Step

How to build your own Hydroponics Systems?
Making use of locally available Materials
How to make In-expensive Hydroponic System

How to grow in Hydroponic System, Step by Step Practical Guide

Plant Transplantation to Hydroponic System
How to manage the plants growth in Hydroponic System

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2 day Offline Training FEE

Hands-on experience Training
at HOME ( Heaven On My Earth) Experience Lab.

Practical Exposure

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benefits to attending a hydroponics offline workshop at
HOME (Heaven On My Earth) experience lab:

Hands-on Learning: Participants can gain practical experience in setting up and maintaining hydroponic systems, which is essential for understanding the process effectively.

Interactive Environment: The workshop provides an interactive learning environment where participants can ask questions, receive immediate feedback, and engage in discussions with experts and other participants.

Access to Experts: Participants have the opportunity to learn from experienced instructor Ann Vinya Thomas CEO & Founder of HOME. who can provide valuable insights and guidance on hydroponic techniques and best practices.

Networking Opportunities: The workshop allows participants to connect with like-minded individuals who share an interest in hydroponics, potentially leading to future collaborations and partnerships.

Personalized Instruction: Instructors can provide personalized instruction based on the participants' skill levels and learning goals, ensuring that everyone gets the most out of the workshop.

Access to Equipment: HOME experience lab likely provides access to specialized hydroponic equipment and materials that participants may not have access to otherwise, allowing them to experiment and learn in a practical setting.

Inspiration and Motivation: Attending a workshop can inspire participants to pursue hydroponics further, providing them with the motivation to start their own hydroponic projects at home or in their communities.

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