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My students and I came here from Ahemdabad for an Hydroponics Workshop. Ann was very patient and gave a very knowledgeable workshop to us. We had a great time with her. Also we got a chance to eat the delicious salad she made from her fresh produce. I loved it so much that I have tried to recreate the recepie and almost have it once a week. Thank you so much Ann for the wonderful and fun experience. 😊👌👌

Aditi Mali

We are new to hydroponics but when we came here, Ann gave us such a deep insight in the simplest manner, that we felt we too could start it immediately, even on a small space ! She showed us every minute details of crops that are grown, what care should be taken, the costs involved etc. She even makes lovely salads !! Thank you.

Rakesh Bhulani

I did a workshop with them and was so fascinated with the idea of hydroponics that I got their team to install a small NFT system installed on my balcony. It is such an amazing experience to grow your own vegetables. I had never done any kind of gardening or looked after any plants, but this got my curiosity up and I am happily maintaining my small Urban garden now. Love the produce from hydroponics: it's so fresh and you will know the difference when you give produce grown by hydroponics a try!!

Shristi Mitruka

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